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Humminbird Tarpon Division

The Tarpon Division allows any angler 18 years old and older as of May 29th, 2021 who is a current CCA member and registered in the competition to enter a qualifying catch of a Tarpon.

One prize winner from all eligible Tarpon entries will be determined by drawing.

To be eligible, each eligible Tarpon entry caught for STAR must follow the strictest handling requirements. The Tarpon must be digitally photographed with the 2021 West Marine Official STAR Measuring Device in view with the fish, and electronically submitted consistent with the provisions in Rule 12.

Regardless of size, all tarpon pictures must be taken with the fish still in the water with the 2021 West Marine Official STAR Measuring Device in the photo. It is not necessary to measure the full length of the fish. Anglers are allowed to grab the tarpon by the lip for the photograph with their hand only. If any type of lip-attachment device is used to hold the Tarpon, the entry will be disqualified. Tarpon entries will also be disqualified if an angler reaches through the fish’s gills at any time, or brings the Tarpon over the gunwale of the boat.

Each Tarpon entry must also demonstrate the fish was legitimately caught. Leader releases of Tarpon are encouraged, provided all other aspects of the Tarpon Division rules are strictly followed.

The STAR competition strongly suggests all anglers land Tarpon as quickly as possible and STAR rules require Tarpon resuscitation before release. Photographic entries of a Tarpon jumping away from the boat will be disqualified.