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2019 photo gallery

iHeart Radio Tagged Redfish & Dolphin


8 prize winning tagged redfish for 2019

STAR’s signature division is the iHeart Radio Tagged Redfish Division.
The first six adult confirmed tagged redfish winners will have their choice of any of the following prizes that are still available at the time of their win:

Conley Buick GMC Sierra 1500 Pick-up truck
Contender Contender 22 Sport with Rolls Axle Trailer powered by Yamaha
Pathfinder 2200TRS with trailer powered by Yamaha
Hewes Redfisher with trailer powered by Yamaha
Relentless Boats aluminum Bay/Flats boat with trailer powered by Yamaha
Carolina Skiff 21 with trailer powered by Yamaha
The first two Youth angler winners will be awarded:
Carolina Skiff 16 with 40hp Yamaha and Road King Trailer

CCA membership & registration in STAR prior to landing a tagged redfish, time and date of catch, verification of tagged redfish and results of a polygraph will determine the prize winners in the iHeart Radio Tagged Redfish Division.

Contender 22 2200 TRS Running Hewes-redfisher relentless boat Carolina Skiff

Only the eight (8) STAR Tagged redfish recaptured by registered STAR anglers who are CCA members during 2019 competition dates and certified by the STAR Committee will be eligible for prizes.

Tagged Dolphin Division

First STAR registered angler who is a CCA member and catches a tagged dolphin wins $10,000 cash or scholarship.

For the iHeart Radio Tagged Redfish Division, CCA Florida STAR partnered with Duke Energy who generously provided the hatchery reared redfish and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) to release over 160 tagged redfish in advance of the competitions starting date throughout the state waters from Pensacola to the southern border of the Everglades National Park and from the Georgia/Florida border to Homestead and the Keys.

For the Tagged Dolphin/Mahi Mahi Division, CCA Florida STAR with the approval of the FWC will capture, tag and release 20 Mahi Mahi in the waters of South Florida in advance of the competition.

This year’s STAR tag is Blue. Printed on the tag is the year and a special number beginning with FL followed by CCA Florida STAR and the phone number 844-387-STAR (7827).
Winners will be determined by time of catch. To be eligible to win, each iHeart Radio STAR-tagged redfish and the first STAR-tagged dolphin with the tag still attached to the fish, must be digitally photographed on the West Marine Official STAR Measurement Device, and electronically submitted. The entire fish must be clearly seen with its nose on the zero line, providing visibility of total length of the fish and STAR tag. Electronic submission of all competition entries must also include the competition division, species, length, time, date, name of angler, and Guide/Captain (if applicable).

Once your photo is entered please call the phone number on the tag. Any caught iHeart Radio STAR-tagged redfish or dolphin must be called into the Director within (2) hours after landing the fish.

During the call the Director will instruct angler to clip the STAR-tag nearest to the fish as possible, allowing angler to keep the blue portion of the tag. Participant will be instructed to release the fish. Angler may choose to harvest the fish if it meets FWC requirements and the season is open. Some tagged redfish may not be within the slot. Verification of the tag and fish may be required and if so the angler will be instructed to take the tag and or fish to the nearest distribution location of the angler’s choice to be authenticated by the Director or an official representative of the competition committee. This must occur within 72 hours of catching the tagged redfish or dolphin or the tagged fish will be disqualified.

The iHeart Radio Tagged Redfish and Dolphin Division does NOT require a STAR-tagged fish to be harvested unless deemed necessary by the Director. Some STAR tagged redfish may not be within the 18 to 27 inch slot.  All tagged dolphin will be a minimum of 20 inches.

After the tag and or tagged fish has been verified the angler will be provided a scheduled time and location within the following 72 hours to take a mandatory polygraph examination.

Each participant shall be eligible to win only one prize for a STAR-tagged redfish or dolphin.

Release Location for Tagged Dolphin:

  • The Florida Keys will have 20 dolphin/Mahi Mahi tagged and released during May in order for those fish to migrate up the east and west coast of Florida.

Release Locations for iHeart Radio Tagged Redfish:

  • All coastal counties of Florida have on average 4 tagged redfish that have been released in areas where anglers are known to catch redfish.

  • Where can you have the best opportunity to catch one of these prize winning tagged redfish? Brevard, Citrus and Charlotte Counties.

  • Visit Space CoastFlorida’s Visit Space Coast is once again an East Coast Destination Partner for CCA Florida’s 2019 STAR competition and the STAR Awards Ceremony and banquet at the Melbourne Auditorium! There are a total of 8 tagged redfish released in Brevard County. As the home to the largest percentage of the Indian River Lagoon, the Space Coast offers more opportunities than most other coastal counties to land that winning tagged Redfish! Brevard County (the Space Coast) encompasses 72 miles of the IRL: the southern portion of Mosquito, the northern portion of the Indian and all of the Banana. With 29 sets of public boat ramps (nearly all are Free!) lining all three bodies of water, anglers have many choices on where to put in. The No-Motor-Zone of the Banana River can only be fished from kayaks, canoes or boats without a propeller. Mosquito Lagoon has two “pole and troll zones” where internal combustion engines must be off and boats drafting more than 12 inches at rest may not enter; electric trolling motors are allowed. You have to put in a little work paddling or poling to reach them, so there is less pressure on the fish in those areas.

  • discover crystal riverDiscover Crystal River is once again a West Coast Destination Partner for the CCA Florida 2019 STAR competition!  Citrus County encompasses the waters from Chazawitzka to just south of Yankeetown, Ozello, Crystal River and Homosassa where one of the 2017 winning STAR tagged redfish was caught. Citrus County has 8 tagged redfish released in their waters. Compare this to the four tagged fish in other counties and it only makes sense to fish Citrus county this summer. Having more tagged fish and the ability to land all the inshore and offshore species in the Open Divisions presents anglers with a greater opportunity to win their share of prizes and scholarships.

  • PureFloridaPunta Gorda/Englewood Beach, once again is a West Coast Destination Partner of CCA Florida’s 2019 STAR competition!  Charlotte Harbor, the central asset of their destination, is the 2nd largest estuary in the State of Florida formed by the convergence of the Peace and Myakka Rivers.  The majority of the harbor’s shoreline is natural preserve bordered by miles of mangroves, offering an ideal habitat for redfish along with many other species of fish and marine life.  While Charlotte Harbor is expansive, due to its shallow nature, there are no large commercial vessels utilizing the inshore waters of the area, which includes Lemon Bay, Gasparilla Sound, Coral Creek and Turtle Bay.  Over the years, various professional redfish tournaments have utilized the harbor as its base of operations recognizing the health, beauty and pristine nature of the Charlotte Harbor Gulf Island Coast.  As a Destination Partner, Punta Gorda/Englewood Beach will have 8 tagged redfish released in their waters providing a significantly greater opportunity to catch a tagged redfish for one of the outstanding prizes, make your summer vacation plans to experience the wonder of fishing one of the best aquatic playgrounds in the United States.


    Lodging Options for Charlotte County

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