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Scuba Quest Lionfish Division

Any registered angler who is a current member in good standing at the time of entering the competition. Eligible species in this special division is Lionfish of any size. They can be caught on hook and line, snagged, gigged, or speared. Any type of spearfishing gear is allowed in this division (manual “Hawaiian Slings”, spear guns, etc.). There is no limit to the number of lionfish entries daily. Lionfish entries can be made in addition to any other STAR division entries, consistent with the rules for each division. Each lionfish must be harvested and photographed, but they are not required to be photographed individually and are not required to be photographed on a measuring device but the 2021 West Marine Official Measuring Device must be included in the photo entry. Winners will be determined by the highest number of lionfish entries for the entire competition. STAR participants are eligible to win only one Lionfish Division prize in addition to one other STAR prize.